About the Author

I am a fantasy and science fiction writer. I’d like to think that I am good at what I do, but the truth is that what I do best is to waste my time. Listening to music, mainly, and reading or watching movies. Sometimes, although less and less, I draw. Social networks? Very little, just what is necessary for dissemination and to hear from my friends.

I am also a happy husband and father of two cheerful children. And I am bahá’í.

This site is intended precisely to exploit my «skills.» And although eating may be the best of them all, I will not put pictures of myself presuming restaurants, and I will only talk about literature (mine or others), music (only real musicians, I don’t even want to hear myself singing) and the movies with which I cross the always arduous and competitive path of procrastination.

Selected quotes from my characters

Do not be fooled by their age. Zarkon may be an old man, but, unless he has forgotten his knowledge, that only makes him more dangerous. It is often said that the older a magician is, the greater his wisdom is usually. And he was considered the most skilled of his time when he was captured centuries ago. Even with my help this would not be enough, but little help is better than none.

* * *

Rhod Astarnûn
The Last King

Someday, you will have enough confidence in your sovereign to know, without any doubt, that even when she is worried she has everything under control.

* * *

Eähsel Avinnicia
The Dragon Granddaughter

What had we discovered? What aberration had come to our hands? I did not dare, for fidelity to science, to venture any hurried conjecture. But Hermann, who was always a broader-minded man, thought he found the solution by resorting to the old Nordic traditions, in which he immersed himself with the passion with which he always faced each new discovery.

* * *

Franz Engels

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